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Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar New Telehandler Extends SANY’s Reach for Rentals oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

SANY America is taking things to new heights at ConExpo 2020 with the launch of a brand-new telehandler â€" SANY’s first such model in this market.

The STH1056A telehandler made its first appearance at The ARA Show 2020 earlier this month in Orlando, and will also be available for visitors to see first-hand at ConExpo 2020 in March. This new entry to the telehandler market offers an attractive and versatile option for operators and rental fleet owners alike, and provides an excellent balance of features and capabilities at an even more appealing price point.

SANY STH1056A Telehandler

Meet the STH1056A

 Featuring a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 pounds and a max lift height of just over 56 feet, the new STH1056A boasts a 130 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, delivering the power and performance needed to tackle a variety of jobs in different operating conditions. Fleet operators also will appreciate the service-friendly design, which includes easy fluid level checks and a side-mounted engine design that makes access to routine maintenance items convenient and simple.

“Our goal is to maximize value to the customer,” said Craig Moslander, Director of Engineering and Product Manager for Telehandlers at SANY America. “We are giving them class-leading performance, class-leading serviceability and components they know and trust, all at a more competitive price point.”

The new telehandler also incorporates systems from other well-recognized and trusted brands to deliver reliable performance owners can count on, using components like the Dana VDT12000 transmission, Parker hydraulics and a Kawasaki hydraulic piston pump system. It has also been thoroughly stress tested for longevity and durability, including more than 10,000 laps around the SANY rough terrain test track while carrying a 10,000-pound load. Additionally, the STH1056A was run through over 20,000 boom cycles under full-rated load conditions, putting the lifting structure to the test to ensure its reliability for years of worry-free operation.

Technology & Safety Meet Comfort & Convenience

SANY STH1056A Telehandler in ActionThe 33,290-pound STH1056A also was designed to offer both comfort and safety for operators. A wide-angle rear-view camera is included as standard equipment and provides a clear, unobstructed look behind the machine to prevent accidents on the job. The telehandler also features axle-mounted stabilizers that not only help support the machine during heavy lifts, but also allow for smoother frame leveling when deployed, ensuring solid footing for all operations.

“Improving jobsite safety has become a top priority in recent years,” said Moslander. “On a big piece of equipment like a telehandler, it is critical that the operator has the utmost awareness of his or her surroundings. By providing direct line of sight to all four corners of the machine, and augmenting that with technology like our wide-angle camera and reverse sensing system, it gives operators the confidence needed to move around the jobsite safely.”

The STH1056A also offers one of the largest cabs in the industry, offering ample space and comfort for the operator while delivering open, clear lines of sight. In fact, from the operating position, all four tires can be clearly seen, allowing for easier identification of obstacles or hazards. In addition to the rear-view camera, the telehandler also features three rear sensors that will trigger visual and audio alerts if they detect an object and will even provide an approximate distance to the object.

Ready for Rental

Telehandlers have been slowly becoming one of the most popular machines in rental fleets for a wide variety of applications. With the rise in interest, however, comes an increasingly critical need for the manufacturers of new telehandlers to offer fleet managers a distinctive benefit that differentiates them from competitive machines. SANY has designed the STH1056A with this in mind, and has worked to take a different approach to deliver a machine that offers many features as standard equipment that competitors charge extra â€" all while maintaining durability and a competitive price.

SANY Introduces New Telehandler

“We are really focused on improving our customers’ business model for telehandlers,” Moslander said.  “By giving them the features they want and the durability that the market demands at a more competitive price point, we are improving the return on their investment.”

Pro Contractor Rentals noted in a recent article that some of the biggest factors that both fleet managers and customers are looking for in their equipment are safety systems, reliable performance and a low cost of ownership (or cost to rent). With the STH1056A, SANY worked to put together a comprehensive machine that offers stress-tested durability, reliability using components from well-known brands in the industry, and modern safety features and a safety-focused cab design â€" all offered at a more affordable price point than competitors and backed with an industry leading three-year, 3,000-hour warranty.

Discover More with SANY

SANY’s new STH1056A is just one of 10 new product lines joining the SANY family in 2020 and delivering even more options to more markets than ever before. You already know SANY is More than Machines â€" but now we offer even more machines, too. Find out even more about the new telehandler and all of SANY’s other new equipment lines by visiting us at Booth #F7826 at ConExpo 2020, coming March 10-14 in Las Vegas, or contact your local SANY dealer today to learn more.

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New Telehandler Extends SANY’s Reach for Rentals oleh -

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Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar SANY Rolling Out New Line of Road Machinery at ConExpo oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

SANY is taking to the road â€" not just at ConExpo 2020, but also on a road near you.

With the new SANY SMG200C-8 motor grader and SSR120C-8 single drum roller, making their first appearance at the big show, SANY is making it easier and more affordable for municipalities and road construction crews to handle road maintenance and repair work. We spoke with Noah Thomas VanOosterhout, road product manager at SANY, to learn more about these new road equipment options and how they continue to deliver on SANY’s promise of More than Machines.

SSR120C-8 Single Drum Roller

SSR120C-8 Single Drum Roller

SANY’s new roller is a simple yet versatile piece of machinery, ready to help handle compaction work with ease. With a streamlined and easy-to-learn design, this new machine helps make it simple for even new workers to make quick work of any road job. This is a big advantage, particularly with demand growing and more and more young workers entering the workforce.

In just the past year, road, highway and bridge contractors have experienced a surge in hiring and employment to keep up with incredible demand for road work projects. According to, this includes a 6.1 percent increase in the number of highway, street and bridge contractor employees in November 2019 versus November 2018, a sign of high demand for road-related work.

In turn, this means there are many new hires working to learn and gain experience on the job. One of the most common machines for new operators to learn on at a road construction site is the roller, and the SANY SSR120C-8 offers a very straightforward set of controls that makes it easy to handle.

“Rollers are probably one of the most boring pieces of equipment on a job site,” said VanOosterhout, a 17-year veteran of the equipment industry. “But they’re absolutely necessary. This particular machine is a great option for your first-time operators to use and get familiar with before graduating to more involved and complex machines and equipment.”

“Rollers are simple machines,” said VanOosterhout. “They’re essentially heavy steel and the underlying hydraulics and engine components. Our machines have it all, and still use top-shelf components like a Cummins engine or Rexroth hydraulics that our customers know and trust. Now we can offer a low-complexity roller that does everything municipalities and contractors need at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.”

SMG200C-8 Motor Grader

SMG200C-8 Motor Grader

In addition to the new roller, SANY’s SMG200C-8 motor grader helps make road maintenance and repair work a breeze. Unlike many models on the market today, SANY’s motor grader is built with the needs of municipalities and road contractors in mind, meaning that it’s designed to handle the road upkeep and rebuilding work, representing a large portion of the grading jobs most often performed in the field.

“The market now is so complex,” said VanOosterhout. “Many [competitor machines] are more than what is needed to grade and repair roads. The SMG200C-8 is a fantastic product, and is built specifically for maintaining and repairing roads.”

He added that across the industry, the past few years have seen more and more technology added to the cab of machines. While many of these new advancements offer extra features and capabilities, they also come with a higher price tag â€" and complexity that’s often not needed. VanOosterhout said that he’d heard from one highway superintendent who said that a competitive equipment dealer in his area tripled the lease rate for its equipment in recent months to account for the higher cost of equipment on the market today.

The SMG200C-8 offers a full range of convenient features that make it both comfortable and easy for the operator to handle. This includes a steering wheel control for roading and joystick controls for grading, an air-conditioned cab and air ride seat with heat, all helping to keep the operator comfortable in any working conditions. Under the hood, a 253-horsepower Cummins QSL9-C250 engine drives the SMG200C-8, which also boasts an 8-speed transmission, operator controlled locking differential and electronically locking rear differential.

“Municipalities handle a lot of roads â€" and particularly gravel roads. But the [motor grader] market got way too complex for grading something like a gravel road,” said VanOosterhout. “There’s all sorts of guidance and products that simply aren’t needed for that kind of work that drive costs up. With SANY, you get a great option at a price that is half to two-thirds the cost of a competitor’s product.”

Machines for Today’s Needs 

New SANY SSR120C-8 RollerWith both the SMG200C-8 and SSR120C-8, SANY is offering equipment that municipalities, contractors and fleet owners have been looking for â€" purpose-built equipment with a low learning curve. As the younger generations start joining the construction workforce, the need has grown in turn to start training these workers to operate equipment like rollers and graders. SANY has even taken that into account when designing these new machines.

“Newer operators come from a generation that grew up playing video games, and operating controllers with joysticks for fun. That makes the learning curve substantially lower for younger operators to handle these joystick grader controls versus older, lever-style controls,” said VanOosterhout.

That’s not to say the controls aren’t easy to learn for veteran operators, either â€" particularly when compared with some of the other machines on the market today. Today’s experienced grader operator is accustomed to older, lever-operated machinery, which also means that many are choosing to nurse older machines for longer periods of time. These operators don’t want to jump into something that “looks like the Apollo spacecraft,” said VanOosterhout. With the new lines of SANY road equipment, they don’t have to â€" they can find powerful and durable machines that offer simple controls and only the features they need to get the job done effectively.

New SANY Motor Grader

More Machines â€" And More than Machines

With SANY’s new road equipment lines, customers have a new option to tackle their road projects. These machines offer all the operator comforts â€" air ride heated seats, enclosed cab with HVAC, rear view cameras and more â€" but without all the extraneous equipment that adds unnecessary complexity â€" and cost â€" to otherwise simple work.

Your first opportunity to see these new machines up close is coming soon at ConExpo 2020. Stop in and see SANY at Booth #F7826 during the show, coming up fast â€" March 10-14 in Las Vegas â€" or find a local dealer to get more information on availability.

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SANY Rolling Out New Line of Road Machinery at ConExpo oleh -

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Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Milestones Made in Georgia: SANY America Completes 100th SY215C oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Over the past year, SANY America has made great strides in increasing production capabilities at its headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia. From ramping up hiring to expanding the manufacturing floor, the company has grown its production line and worked to keep pace with increasing demand from customers across the U.S.

And now, SANY is celebrating a major production milestone, as the company’s 100th SY215C excavator recently rolled off the manufacturing line in Peachtree City, Georgia.

SANY’s Most Popular Excavator

The SY215C excavator is SANY’s most popular excavator model in the U.S. â€" and for good reason. Offering a great balance of power, performance and price, this workhorse has been put to use by operators around the country in a variety of job conditions, from forestry and farming to construction and demolition. It is also the first unit to be fully manufactured right here in the U.S., helping to showcase SANY’s commitment to delivering American-made products for American consumers.

Since the first SY215C was completed in July 2019, SANY has made significant investments into its production line. Earlier this year, the company invested in growing the manufacturing space, increasing the size of the assembly floor to 150,000 square feet. SANY has also been rapidly hiring staff from the Atlanta area, and now employs 20 assemblers, two repair technicians and five painters to work on the production line, with openings still available for interested manufacturing team members. In total, the expanded operations and additional staffing contributed to allow SANY to reach the 100th SY215C machine milestone in less than a year.

“This team follows two processes and two principles â€" the respect for people and continuous improvement,” said John Spieth, SANY America Plant Manager, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony earlier this month, commemorating the manufacturing team’s work on completing the 100th SY215C. “That’s how we’ve been able to go from four machines a month to last month, when we lined off 24 machines. We’ve made huge improvements in the last nine months.”

In addition to the SY215C, the same production line also manufactures SANY’s SY225C, SY265C and SY265C Long Reach excavators, meaning the entire family of midsized excavators in the SANY lineup are Built in Georgia â€" and Made for America.

Coordination, Teamwork and Productivity

Each SY215C excavator is comprised of more than 4,400 parts, requiring coordination and precision from every member of the team to complete accurately and on schedule. SANY’s increased capabilities and staffing have helped to bring the time for production down, allowing for a new machine to be completed in roughly eight hours â€" a pace that is expected to accelerate in the coming weeks.

“This team is going to go to two machines a day, and will continue on until three machines a day,” said Spieth at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “We’re never satisfied, always respecting, always being good citizens, and always making a difference.”

Team members on the manufacturing line also marked the milestone by adding their signatures to the machine, commemorating this major achievement that they each had a hand in completing. In addition, SANY also was congratulated by the Georgia Department of Economic Development for reaching the 100th-machine mark.

“It’s exciting to see SANY America further ramping up their production line in Peachtree City with more Georgians at work making this versatile, quality equipment,” said Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson. “We congratulate SANY on the production of their 100th SY215 excavator, we’re proud of their success, and we are thrilled that their investment in Georgia is paying off.”

Versatility and Performance Operators Count On

Across the country, dealers, fleet owners and independent operators all have discovered the difference that SANY brings to heavy equipment. Offering powerful and reliable equipment at a fair price, SANY has made a name for delivering equipment owners can trust to get the job done while working confident in the knowledge that every SANY excavator is backed by the industry’s strongest warranty â€" five years, 5,000 hours. No matter the job, SANY equipment is built tough to take on the toughest applications, from hauling trees and clearing brush to digging trenches and pipelines.

SANY is committed to growing the availability of machines through a strategy of “Globalization by Localization,” meaning that investing in building and supporting its U.S. customers by delivering equipment made locally at facilities like the Georgia headquarters. This philosophy is critical to SANY’s success worldwide, both in allowing the company to provide quality machines rapidly to the marketplace and to deliver the parts and support that owners and dealers need to trust the quality and integrity behind the SANY name.

Find the Right Machine for Your Needs

Whether you’re interested in the 101st SY215C or any of the other SANY equipment lines, your local SANY dealer can help you find the right machine for your needs. Find a dealer near you today, and discover how SANY continues to deliver More than Machines.

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Milestones Made in Georgia: SANY America Completes 100th SY215C oleh -

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Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar How Much Machine Do You Need? oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Excavators are incredible machines, and can offer exceptional versatility on the jobsite, especially with the diverse range of attachments available on the market today. The right excavator can be a reliable workhorse that tackles even the toughest jobs or the most difficult ground conditions â€" but only if you have the right machine.

But how do you know how much machine you really need? SANY Fleet and Remarketing Manager Josh Peddycord helps outline what to keep in mind when selecting an excavator.

Knowing What You Need

First and foremost, deciding on the right excavator relies on understanding the needs you have. Even with all the ways to modify excavators with attachments for use in different capacities or on different projects, there are a few factors that cannot be changed.

“With any machine there are going to be limitations,” said Peddycord. “To decide what size of machine will work best for you and your operation, you will have to evaluate what type of work you will be doing on a regular basis.”

If you’ll be doing deep digging work, for example, you’ll need a machine with a long reach and likely a greater bucket capacity. Do you need a lot of power? Then you’ll want to make sure the machine you choose has the horsepower to meet your demands. You may also need to select your excavator knowing that you have specific attachment requirements. Each of these aspects of a machine are difficult or impossible to change after the fact, so you’ll need to know these basic factors when evaluating your options.

SANY Hydraulic Excavators

Four Classes of Excavator

Excavators also come in a range of sizes to meet different demands, and at SANY, excavators are divided into four size classes â€" Mini, Compact, Medium and Large. Mini excavators are well suited for small jobsites and projects, and often used by landscapers, utility contractors and plumbers. Compact excavators offer a bit more power and capability for more extensive projects, and are used more by residential home construction crews and concrete contractors, as well as in agricultural and farming operations.

Medium and large excavators are built to handle more heavy-duty work, and while they can still be found doing some of the same projects as their smaller cousins, they offer greater performance for larger projects. These machines can be put to work on pipeline installation, deep underground utility work, truck loading and mining operations.

“SANY is Tough Equipment for Tough Applications,” said Peddycord. “No matter the size of the job, SANY has got you covered.”

Customizable to Tackle Different Jobs

Versatility is also a big factor in selecting an excavator, and SANY also offers different options to meet different project needs. This includes two types of excavator configurations â€" conventional and zero/minimal tail swing. Conventional excavators feature a longer tail swing, which helps with maintaining stability on larger machines, and are best suited for projects that have more open space. For those working in tight areas or city environments, the zero/minimal tail swing models are more suited to maneuvering and operating in compact quarters while still handling the work you need to complete.

SY265C Long ReachSome SANY machines are also offered with interchangeable stick lengths, such as the new SY265C Long Reach. This unit features an impressive 54 feet reach and 43-foot digging depth capability. This new variation on the popular SY265C offers more versatility for those who need to extend further or dig deeper on their jobsites, while still offering incredible performance with the 190.4 HP Cummins diesel engine offering 19,334 lbf of breakout force.

SANY excavators are equipped with standard fittings, as well, meaning that most attachments will fit on a SANY machine without the need for extra fittings or adjustments. SANY also offers a variety of attachments straight from the factory through its partnership with Paladin. This includes mulchers, grapples, rippers, rakes and more. Visit the Paladin website to learn more about Paladin’s line of excavator attachments.

Technology that Makes Work Easier

Excavators today are often loaded with technology, and SANY excavators are no different in that regard. Most operators consider what different features to include when comparing excavators, looking for the options that will work best for the work they expect to perform. When looking at SANY equipment, however, one big advantage that customers find is the wealth of standard equipment included in each machine that offers convenience for operators.

SANY SY215 Hydraulic Excavator“Virtually all SANY excavators come ready to go to work for you on day one with hard lines plumbed down the stick,” said Peddycord. “While much of the competition wants to offer you an ‘a la carte’ style for their options, SANY is an ‘all inclusive’ style of machine, giving you what you need from the start.”

With these hydraulic connections included as a standard feature, swapping out the excavator bucket for a rotator, coupler, hammer or other attachment can be done quickly and easily. The large frame excavators also offer the ability to have a second- or third-member shear easily. Plus, with the positive flow hydraulic system, you can increase your overall working efficiency and save as much as 5 percent on operating costs. The advantages offered by SANY’s hydraulic connections on equipment literally helps save time and money.

SANY excavators also offer four standard work modes for operators to choose from that allow for performance to scale to match the needs of different jobs. Plus, the SANY Live telematics system provides real-time insight and information to operators to help adjust and optimize performance and reduce waste. Finally, SANY machines also offer reverse cameras as a standard feature, helping to keep everyone safe on the job.

Find the Right Machine at Your Local SANY Dealer

No matter if you need a large or small machine, SANY’s line of excavators has you covered. Built with components from known and trusted names like Cummins, Kawasaki and Rexroth, SANY offers no-frills machines that are easy to operate and maintain, while still offering a range of convenient features standard at no extra cost. Backed by the SANY industry-leading warranty â€" five years, 5,000 hours â€" SANY excavators are built from the ground up with you and your business in mind.

Discover how SANY excavators are Made for America at your local SANY dealer. Find a dealer near you online or call 470.552.SANY to learn more.

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